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I finally dusted off my GM hat and got back in the roleplaying ring this weekend.

I'm running a UK based Delta Green/Xfiles/Fringe style game, which I have called Order of the Wren. My Players are have been inducted into a Royal(?) order which investigates and suppresses 'Uninvited Guests' to our reality, after accidentally being caught in some unnatural crossfire. I'm running it using the Nemesis system, which is One Roll Engine, plus the madness meters in the style of Unknown Armies. As I looked in more details at some of the skills, I decided that I wanted to include some from previous One Roll Engine games, and consolidate others (you really can't do first aid as someone skilled in medicine?). Due to these modifications, the lovely Nemesis Character sheet I'd downloaded wasn't suitable, so I ended up creating my own:

It's been a while since I've played with photoshop, and it's amazing how quickly it falls by the wayside! I also find it interesting how quickly time flies when I'm working in it.
Speaking of time flying, it's way past my bedtime, so I'll stop this entry here, but in the next few days I'll write up the first adventure the intrepid crew found themselves on.
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The character sheet looks great!
I hope it went well. I look forward to chats this evening.


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