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Two posts in one day?!?!  OMG what is this 2005? ;)

I'm having some coaching sessions through work, and during one of our explorative exercises I put into words something I haven't before.

I have a reductive path to happiness.

By which I mean, I fundamentally think of myself as a happy person by default. When I'm trying to work out how to make myself more happy in life, I don't see is as adding things to make me more happy (achive X, start doing Y), but more removing the things that block my happiness (stop doing Y, avoid Y).  Sometimes I need to do something to achive this, e.g. I need to start meditating to remove chatter and negative future thinking from my mind, but the action always has the 'flavour' to me of refining, uncovering or distilling.

It's kind of funny when thought about in my life with my tendancy to clutter and take on new things.
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Hmm, yes, that is quite interesting. Oh, brainmeats, you think things.
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Perhaps it is a matter of adding things so that you can later winnow them down?

Add raw material, then discard the unwanted & refine the wanted to an ideal.
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As you have observed many times, you and i are not the same!

Do you find that focusing on your own "path to happiness" and such prompt you to feel better about your life, or do you find they contribute to the kind of scrutiny that can spoil happiness? I don't know if i'm phrasing that well but i guess what i'm asking is whether you find such coaching sessions personally productive, or whether you would agree with the suggestion that to actively pursue happiness is a good way not to find it (because then you are viewing happiness as a goal to achieve, not a place where you currently are).
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(Also IMO everyone should go back to posting like it's 2005 ;) )


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