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I don't normally have very coherent dreams, much less a story, but after flaking really early last night I proceeded to have one.

It all started very nicely a group of us doing our own bits and bobs, I think we were on holiday. However it became increasingly apparent that things weren't right. People had different jobs than they do in real life, and as we started to test the limits we found that actually our 'world' was geographically limited.

One of the people seemed very keen to put our minds to rest or keep us busy and obviously had some sort of investment in all of this.
A small group of us snuck away from her to free us. There was a plan which involved overloaded mobile phones creating energy arcs to disrupt the status quo.

We were successful!

As the electricity pulsed we saw that this was indeed a simulation and we proceeded to make our plans on how to make this disruption permanent.

That was until we saw the... Thing.... Slithering towards us. Huge bloated intestinal body with gaping jaws it devoured all that was in it's path, consuming reality as a fire consumes paper. This simulation wasn't to contain us, but to contain it.

The simulation continued to reassert itself, like a pond settling after a pebble, and in a moment that felt like an age the creature became motionless and was absorbed into the scenery. The simulation was restored.

Our world was smaller now but we'd live with that. We knew we were keeping the outside world safe. The lives we lived here may not be our own but we'd protect the fiction with every fibre of our being.  We smiled at the woman who we'd previous seen as a captor.

Isn't it a lovely holiday?

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