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This journal is friends only for a variety of reasons. If you want to be added as a friend, please comment below (and how we know each other, or why you're interested, as maybe I don't know you *grin*)
Date/Time: 2007-04-10 06:31 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile]
Just thought I'd move the conversation over here rather than on Dennys post. Where abouts are you? We have lots of mutual freinds who asked if I was going to see you when over here as they said you were in NZ, they all assumed we must know each other. Heh.

I'm down in Kangeroo valley atm and moving on to Canberra this weekend.
Date/Time: 2007-04-10 08:21 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile]
Yeah I'm WWOOFing(working on organic farms) so I'm currently moving on every two weeks or so. I've done sydney so I'm heading to Canberra next then Melbourne eventually on to Adelaide and maybe up throught the middle. I'm not entirely sure yet. You can also follow my travel journal [ profile] uberredtravels.

I'll be heading back to Sydney at some point on my trip but I have no idea when. I'll be sure to prodyou before I do though and maybe we could catch up then. That would be rather bizarre as I've heard so much about you from friends back home. :)

I might be here until January so plenty of time yet.
Date/Time: 2007-05-08 11:23 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile]

Tis I Flannel.

Nuf said...
Date/Time: 2007-05-16 14:08 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile] (from
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Date/Time: 2007-05-31 02:53 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile]
why hello.... think the last attempt fizzled in the ether?

tis Jen
Date/Time: 2007-06-05 03:27 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile]
Hmm a thought..

Ma'am may i have some more?

Hmm .. maybe knock knock..

is the Mel
Date/Time: 2007-06-14 06:14 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile]
Happy Birthday for yesterday
Date/Time: 2007-06-19 06:03 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile]
Hi Hon,
Finally getting round to going through and adding new people to my journal.

Its alex Btw

So Yeah, Add me, Or I'll get all patriarcal and Bastardy on your ass

Also I've been advised that there is a Festival of pankakery occuring this evening,
I was wondering If Xi and I would be welcome to join?

Sadly Newtown ADSL Is not working right now due to optus moving the whole network to ADSL2 so If you don't mind Xi and I comming along drop me a line, 0401 $% 381 *(Go away nettrawling bastards) 356 :c)
Date/Time: 2007-07-12 06:35 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile]
Hey you.....

Date/Time: 2007-10-02 11:42 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile]
hey there

im jack. we met at conclave through darren ;)
(deleted comment)
Date/Time: 2007-11-21 12:06 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile]
Hello dahling!
I added you as a friend!
Date/Time: 2007-12-12 04:29 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile]
It's me! Me!
*jumps around madly, trying to get attention*
Me loves joo!
Add me pleeeeeease!


Date/Time: 2008-02-20 09:05 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile]
Ooh, me me me! I only just realised whom "cryx" is!
Date/Time: 2008-03-09 13:27 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile]
me? pws ? :)
Gah, um you know me! Not for long but you do :)
Date/Time: 2008-03-09 13:28 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile]
lol plus i've just noticed your journal subtitle is almost exactly the same as my journal title ;)
Date/Time: 2008-03-24 09:37 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile]
Hello! I have [ profile] uberredfraggle hugs to deliver to you when you're in London :-)
Date/Time: 2008-04-18 07:26 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile]
Yay! Funny pretty lady has LJ!
Feel free not to friend, I don't get offended.
...anyway, it's more fun to stalk you...
Date/Time: 2008-04-27 00:51 (UTC)Posted by: (Anonymous)
Just called in to say hello and have a good read about you.

Date/Time: 2008-06-02 09:31 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile]
I search by means of Interest search within LJ service. So, what do you write about?
Date/Time: 2008-07-12 17:25 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile]
Hey you.....


(deleted comment)
(deleted comment)
Date/Time: 2009-02-21 07:23 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] juliet
juliet: (Default)
Hello - pretty sure we haven't met, but we have a few friends in common (from London). I'm currently in Sydney for a few months & several people have suggested I should look you up so, um, hi!
Date/Time: 2009-07-12 17:34 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile]
Hey you.....


Date/Time: 2011-02-20 23:37 (UTC)Posted by: (Anonymous)
you are so cute, i bet little ducks and baby seals send each other postcards with pictures of you on them.

Date/Time: 2011-02-22 07:36 (UTC)Posted by: (Anonymous)
the initials are for my reference only, you don't know me and i don't know you. but if you don't mind...pass the love please!
Date/Time: 2011-10-28 00:05 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile]
please befriend me so my friends page is less lonely?